Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finally Back!

Well, that was a ridiculously long absence, and I apologize. I have had many, many beneficial changes since the seizure in May. I have lost 40 lbs., I have drastically changed my diet, I have been exercising regularly for 5 months and even joined a gym. My blood sugar numbers stay pretty perfect.  But . . . I feel different.

I tire easier. I get overwhelmed easier. Is it weird to say I don't feel like quite the same person as I was before? I can't even say I don't like this person, in many ways, better, but there are some things I don't care for as much either. I get angry at my inability to tolerate as much as I used to. I get especially upset at the physical problems I am still dealing with. I mean, HECK, how much more virtuous can I get?! :) (I suppose I could give up coffee, but then I wouldn't want to live anyway . . . just kidding. Sort of. Love my low sugar mochas.) I've had a weird assortment of physical issues in recent weeks and I simply have no patience for any of them. They make me angry.


Other news? Family is doing very well. Nicole has a new job working at the Portland airport and, for the first time, she really, really LIKES her job. No news on the dating front. She is doing National Novel Writing Month for the 7th year in a row. She turned 23 last week--amazing. The age I was when I got married. How did that happen?

Caspian is still working about 20- 25 hours a week at a local brick manufacturing plant. He is thinking about going to Indiana in early 2014 to live with his grandmother for a few months, get a part time job, visit friends and family, and increase his traveling experience. He will be 21 in the spring. Once again, how did that happen?

Coryn has a little less than a month left on his grand travel adventure. We have missed him terribly. He has certainly had some incredible experiences, from learning to live in remote locations, helping to  take care of two very lively, busy little people, driving a quad, and discovering how hot Africa can get to holding an adorable baby monkey, attending a UN floating barge party and meeting a cute Greek girl. He will be home the week before Christmas and we have warned him we will do a great deal of hugging to make up for lost time. In the spring, he will turn 18 and I will officially have all "adult" children. (They've been adults for years in my opinion.)

Joseph is good--having sleep issues, which is lousy for him, and for me, since his disturbances bleed over into mine. We are experimenting with changing sleep schedules to see if we can figure it all out. We celebrated 31 years of marriage at the end of last month. As we so predictably are at that time of the year, we were broke and so did little. We went out to dinner, had some wonderful sangria wine, and had silly pictures taken in a photo booth. I cherish them. And him. And our years together. And the ones to come.

Still writing letters (they are occasionally my personal salvation on a day when I have written assignments all day and want to put words together that are about ME). Still reading when I have a chance. No new glasses yet, sadly. Not in the budget. Think I will ask Santa to bring them. :) Does he have elves who specialize in that kind of thing?

Sorry for the long silence. I should be back more now. It means a lot that people check in, read and I love comments, so feel free to leave them. Thanks all.