Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Dizzy Dame . . . and the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hey there. You know, this morning, as I did my usual routine of checking my favorite blogs (and you know who you are!), I realized that I was a tad bit hypocritical. I would sit here and grumble and grouse about those who had not updated their blogs in days . . . even weeks (Ami, you are a role model to us all) and then realize I was complaining about the very same thing I did myself. I let days, even weeks, go by without posting. Shame on me.

So, what's new? Well, starting on Monday May 11, I have had an ongoing case of vertigo. It comes and goes but it is unpredictable so I never know when I am going to turn my head, bend over to pick something up or just LIE DOWN and find the world spinning off its axis. Not fun, lemme tell ya. If it lasts much more than 30 seconds, nausea and the shakes kick in. I "think" it is getting better each day, but it's taking its own sweet time.

We are preparing for a big party at our house on Monday, a Memorial Day potluck. We are looking forward to it because we have a very eclectic mix of people coming. The weather is supposed to be fabulous, for which I am very grateful. Of course, the two weeks before the party we have to decide to rearrange rooms . . . Nicole and Caspian switched and the computer room is now a . . .guest/Jon room for when he stays over . . which, let's admit . . . is about 4 or 5 times a week so not exactly uncommon. (So clearly, yes, they are still together. Four months this weekend which they are spending in Seattle together.) I am desperately hoping that all of the furniture rearranging will be done by the party because I am tired of tripping over extra pieces in the hallway or opening doors to utter catastrophes.

Work, ah, work . . . it is improving I am pleased to report. I think I mentioned that I was up for three new jobs. I was given two of them. The third I didn't get because the company didn't get the job, not because I wasn't selected. I have also gotten several new books and new courses so the work schedule is looking way nicer than it did a month ago. It is still not near what it used to be, but you know, that's ok. I don't mind not being swamped.

So, life is good . . . I'd rather it was a little more stable in regards to vertigo . . I also wish I would win the lottery since our van's "rear main seal" (whatever that means) needs replacing and we aren't driving it until it is. Yea, $650 for repairs. Time to go stand out on the corner . . . . "Help. Family van out of commission. All donations welcome. Goddess bless you." Think it would work? So we are getting from one place to another via the 1977 "Avocado Crib" VW bus that only Joseph knows how to drive. It has been interesting. Usually we just use it for camping, so everytime we get in just to run to the bank or pick up/deliver one of our kids, I feel like I should be toting a cooler full of juice and beer, plus wondering if I rememebered to pack something vital.

Hey, if you stop by, leave a comment so I know. It's nice to know that people are actually reading these words now that I have paused being hypocritical and actually posted. . ..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day to All

What a lovely day it has been! First of all, it was sunny and warm almost all day, reminding all of us that spring really is here and summer is on its way.
Secondly, I got up this morning to a sweet husband who shared Sunday comics with me and then a cup of coffee at the closest Starbuck's. As the day wore on, I was treated to a delicious meal made on the grill, two lovely journals and a card from my Nicole and a Mother/Child ring, complete with diamonds, from my entire family. Tonight, one son is giving me a foot rub and the other a back rub. Wow, huh?
To top it off, one friend brought me a picture of Nicole and I that she had enlarged and framed while another had the coolest video made that named me "Mother of the Year".
In the evening, Jon helped to treat us all to the new movie "Star Trek" which was fantastic and sparked a passion for the series' movies in my kids. (As I write this, we are watching "The Wrath of Khan").
So, yea, a delicious day all around. I will crawl into bed later tonight missing hearing my mom's voice, missing the sound of my oldest daughter's voice, but otherwise happy and extremely blessed. I hope all you mamas out there had the same.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy 50 to Me!

Today was my 50th birthday. It has been full of unexpected surprises and precious moments.

It began yesterday with a birthday package in the mail from my darlin friend Bev in Indiana. She sent me goodies like tea, lotion, and of course, chocolate!! She and I have been friends for 19 years and a little something like 2200 miles of separation could never change that. We are forever friends by now. As they say, we have to remain friends because we know so much about each other, we are dangerous.

Then, today, I was wakened by my husband inviting me out to breakfast. When we got back, he handed me a beautiful love letter that I know he suffered through to write. Writing does not come easy for him, so those two and a half pages were precious.

In the afternoon, Nicole surprised me by taking me to the Chinese Gardens in downtown Portland. It is such a gorgeous place with photo opps around each corner. We took lots and lots of pictures and laughed and just enjoyed time alone--a precious commodity these days.

We came home, after getting a delicious rosemary mocha, and my friend Susie and her son Jake and friend Randy brought over a lovely chicken casserole for lunch, plus decadent chocolate, coconut, nutty bars for dessert. As they were leaving, my special friend Susan and her hubby and daughter came by, bearing a gorgeous floral bouquet from their garden, a homemade cake, a matching Writing Goddess key chain and even a beautiful butterfly necklace for me.

Later, my sons gave me a gorgeous turquoise purse I had been admiring. Finally, Jon, Nicole's boyfriend, made the evening complete by ordering dinner for all of us. Tomorrow I have a package coming from a friend in Texas and several friends from all over the U.S. have sent me cards. My old college roommate even remembered and sent me a book!!!

Am I lucky or what? Truly, I am feeling deeply loved right now. Two voices were missing. I didn't hear from my oldest, but I don't hear from her on birthdays for reasons I guess I don't understand. And I desperately missed my mother's voice calling me to sing a purposely off key rendition of "Happy Birthday". She and I were 30 years apart and often kidded about turning 50 and 80 respectively. I am sad she isn't here to give me a hard time about it.

Nonetheless, I am feeling blessed in many ways, with caring kids, charming husband and loving friends. I mourn what is gone but cherish, more with every passing day, what is here with me. As I look back on 50 years on this planet, I realize that as good as life has been, today, this moment, is still the best. Happy Birthday to me!