Monday, June 8, 2015

A Full House . . .Almost

Four of the five of us are back in the house! Caspian and Nicole have returned from their travels and meals are loud and noisy and funny and chaotic again. We are all counting the days (21!) until Coryn is back too and the family is back to "normal". (Never gonna happen.)
Both kids have spent their first few days unpacking, showing us stuff, telling us stories, and settling back in.  Caspian has already applied for a job and is waiting to hear back, plus he has registered with the community college and will be taking the placement test soon.
Nicole is looking at different job options, trying to find something beyond being a barista.  She would be great in management or administrative work. I am sure something will come along as it always has.
I honestly have lost track of how many times I have looked up to see the kids in the living room with me and just smiled. While I admit I have flashes of missing those quiet mornings that were just Joseph and I, when no one needed a pick up, drop off, meal, etc., I am cherishing these days. I know that the next time they leave, since they ARE 24 and 22, they probably won't be coming back again to stay. So I am going to enjoy these days of having an almost full house.
Okay Coryn! Your turn. Enjoy Bali and then get your butt back home.