Saturday, December 21, 2013

Numbers Queen

Yeah baby, I'm the Numbers Queen. I am my new health care provider's "Star Patient."
Because, in 7 months, I have cut my cholesterol in HALF.
Lost 43 pounds.
Dropped my blood sugar from so high it was not on the charts, to so low it doesn't qualify as even PRE diabetic.
No longer anemic.
No longer low thyroid.
Blood pressure? Still need some meds, but one-EIGHTH of what I was taking before.
The physician's assistant said, I have NEVER had a patient accomplish this before.
After all the hard work, this feels pretty damn good. Like a Christmas present.

On other notes--the traveling boy is HOME AGAIN. So glad to have him back. I go in his room and just smile when I see him sleeping. I forgot how much he made me laugh, how much I enjoyed having him around.
Caspian, will be my next gypsy. He is leaving in three weeks for months in New Orleans, helping a team of young people rebuild an apartment complex in the city. He will be there for Mardi Gras. Oh dear.
The new year is fast approaching. I am not without concerns . . . . have some pretty worrisome issues waiting for my attention whenever I find a second to think about them. But as I face them, I will do it knowing that I am the NUMBERS QUEEN. Yeah, baby.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Just in Case . . . .

 . . .you don't get enough of this Orr's writing, you can read another Orr's writings at this link.
Yes, she's wonderful.
Yes, I'm prejudiced.
Yes, I don't care that I'm biased. And proud. And adore every fiber of that girl.

Promise to post soon. Life has been kickin' my butt and I am pulling myself up again. After all, I'm a vampire.
Not sure what that means? Read her blog and you will.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Holidays are Upon Us

As I post this, it is bitterly cold outside. From inside, it doesn't look like it. The sun is shining and the winds have slowed. Ah, just deception, however. The wind chill is below freezing and will hit single digits tonight. Brrrrr. All the more reason to stay inside where it is warm and I am happy.

My career seems to be in a state of . . .dormancy? . . . right now! Hey, maybe Tami gets her own mid-season hiatus like her favorite TV shows. Ha, never thought of that before.

My assignments have dwindled down to almost nothing, which is a little (Ha, a little) scary. I was hired yesterday by a new company, and I have several jobs pending that will probably kick in after the holidays, but for right now, I have one large project to tie up and then I'm assignment-less. On one hand, I LOVE it. I can spend the holiday season wrapping and napping, reading and watching movies with the family . . . . I certainly relish my time off, but I also know that about February/March, life will be very, very stressful because of this time off.

I've looked into getting a "regular" job, but hesitate to commit to anything. Right now Caspian and Nicole have jobs that they have to get to and from (some are public transportable--some not), Coryn is returning in 11 days (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and there's much to do to prepare for the holiday. I am sending out the gifts I've been accumulating in our bedroom all year for people.  All of our relatives are back in Indiana, so lots of boxes headed back that way. (The post office depends on what I send out each month to pay the electric bill, I think.) I'm putting together the annual holiday letter and sending out cards to people I've worked with this year. I don't know how to fit in a regular job . . and would really prefer not to. I will keep sending out those emails to companies and hope someone says, Wow have I got a great, months-long, high-paying, fascinating-topic, fun-editor, flexible-deadline job for you.

Ha, right. Well at least a combination of two of any of those factors. I can settle for that.

I am planning to post some book reviews/comments, as I haven't done that in ages. Do you keep track of what you read each year? I always start out thinking I will get so much reading done, and, at the end of the year I total the titles up, I am amazed to not hit 50 books. Where, oh where, did the time go?

Hope your house is warm, your hours are busy, your bank accounts are full, your heart is fuller--or at least some combination of these factors!