Sunday, October 5, 2014

T Minus . . . too little time

Not feeling particularly clever and creative today. Down to the last 24 hours before she leaves and it is a little bit too real. I know this is a good decision. I know she will have a wonderful adventure. I know she will make memories she will cherish for the rest of her life. She may find her future husband. She will see sights and parts of the world I certainly never will. Being happy for her and this opportunity isn't a problem. She has worked hard for it and I am beyond thrilled that she is grabbing this chance and going out to explore and discover.

But it is hard.
And I spend many quiet moments crying.
Because I will miss her more than words can say.
YES, I know we have Skype and email and snail mail.
YES, I know she is 23 and she is an adult.
YES, I know I will have Joseph, Caspian, and Coryn.
YES, I know I will adapt to her being gone.
I know all this and it really doesn't help a bit--not right now when I have to say goodbye.
Nope, not right now.
Send hugs.