Tuesday, July 21, 2015

From Full to Stuffed (wonderfully so)

We are all back again, and the house is loud, busy, crazy, chaotic, and lovely. Not everything has been great, of course.

Caspian took an important test that we prepared for over and over. He was ready! And yet, when he got to the test, he struggled and didn't pass. It was a blow for him. He is also struggling like crazy with his job. It is proving more challenging than we had thought. Life just doesn't seem easy for this one of my kids.

Why is that? Why do you have kids that just seem to float through life, usually happy, and others struggle? It's a heartbreaker for parents, for sure. When these kids outgrow the ability for us to fix things with a bandaid, a hug, and maybe a new action figure . . . .

Nicole has been on 7 job interviews. The one she had yesterday looks most promising. She is trying to get out of the food and bev industry and into admin/office, where I am SURE she will shine. Hard to switch though, because the resume doesn't support the new direction. Let's keep our fingers crossed she gets this one. Hours, job, location--all excellent.

Coryn applied for a job he thought he would definitely get, so when he didn't, it was disappointing.  He keeps busy though, out with friends pretty constantly, and reading and hanging with us, and trying to decide where to apply next.

Once again, we have a huge calendar hanging in the hallway, where each person is responsible for putting in their activities so I can attempt to keep track of where everyone is and who will or will not be home for dinner.

And yes, I love it. I don't love the disappointments. I don't love the frustration and having to help do damage control over life's challenges. But I love having them back home. Stuffed is nice.