Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day to All

What a lovely day it has been! First of all, it was sunny and warm almost all day, reminding all of us that spring really is here and summer is on its way.
Secondly, I got up this morning to a sweet husband who shared Sunday comics with me and then a cup of coffee at the closest Starbuck's. As the day wore on, I was treated to a delicious meal made on the grill, two lovely journals and a card from my Nicole and a Mother/Child ring, complete with diamonds, from my entire family. Tonight, one son is giving me a foot rub and the other a back rub. Wow, huh?
To top it off, one friend brought me a picture of Nicole and I that she had enlarged and framed while another had the coolest video made that named me "Mother of the Year".
In the evening, Jon helped to treat us all to the new movie "Star Trek" which was fantastic and sparked a passion for the series' movies in my kids. (As I write this, we are watching "The Wrath of Khan").
So, yea, a delicious day all around. I will crawl into bed later tonight missing hearing my mom's voice, missing the sound of my oldest daughter's voice, but otherwise happy and extremely blessed. I hope all you mamas out there had the same.

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