Saturday, December 5, 2009

Update Time

I was online this morning bemoaning people's blogs that hadn't been updated and then I felt hypocritical as I haven't updated in several weeks. So, here I am, although not with any terribly exciting news, events or announcements.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Joseph and I did all of the cooking together (a first) and instead of turkey (which takes a lot of effort and no one is all that crazy about it), we made his incredibly delicious pot roast (which is ridiculously easy to make but tastes amazing). We also made steamed cauliflower with cheese, nutty brussel sprouts, rosemary potatoes and rolls. Jon brought pie for dessert. It was the six of us and we laughed and talked and as my husband says, "We were happy". I can't think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving.

I've been busy and getting busier. Work continues to pile in and my next three months are full of projects that will keep me "out of the bars" and in my computer chair. If my right wrist and my two eyes can just hang in there and not betray me, all will be well!

The kids are doing great. Nicole and Jon have been together for almost 11 months now--hard to believe! He has become a part of the family to the extent we can text him and ask him to bring toilet paper and ice (not to be used together in any way, mind you!) on his way to our house. Nicole is trying to get an application into the Police Cadets Program. . . . it is the most complicated application we've ever dealt with (19 pages and requiring transcripts and fingerprinting. . . ) She is also looking into a job with an all female construction team. I still enjoy spending time with her so much, I can't begin to tell you. I have deeper conversations and laugh more with her than with anyone else I know.

The boys are getting bigger all the time. Caspian is suddenly into exercising and using hand weights and hanging out with his father as much as possible. Coryn is developing an even more wicked sense of humor and last night we went to another play together and I was astonished at what good company my son can be. He was witty and smart and funny and just plain fun.

I am getting ready to do my annual Christmas newsletter, complete with pictures. Some of you reading this will certainly be getting a copy in the mail within the next couple of weeks. If you don't get a copy and would like one, you can always ask for one . . . . It is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season because I get to recap the year at the Orr House and share it with people I care about!

So, off to get that first morning cup of coffee (usually my only cup of coffee) which contains a small amount of coffee and copious amounts of chocolate and then to work all day. I plan to do it sitting in the living room with the family, probably watching a movie and appreciating both.

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Ali said...

Catching up on blogs at long last (yes, my reading is even more behind than my writing). I'd love to read your Christmas newsletter. Maybe it'll inspire me to write my own again this year.