Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Future Looks Bright

It has been a long month . . . and yes, it's only half over. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, this month, through various circumstances, we are basically not getting paid. Only one check is slated to come and that has been delayed a week because "it missed the cutoff by an hour". Sigh. So this has made for a long month. The stress of it has been mitigated by the kindness of those we love and who so clearly love us.

Caspian handed us the $40 we had given him to go to the organic farm. "Here," he said. "I am fed three times a day and don't need anything else, so use it."

Nicole called to say, "I'm sending you a $300 Safeway card. Eat for the rest of the month without worrying and don't even think about paying it back. We're family."

Coryn went online without being asked and cancelled his WOW account.

AmiMental took money that her family needs almost as much as mine and handed it to me, not even allowing me to open my mouth and object. I was only allowed to say "thank you" (which I did) and "I love you" (which I do).

All of these acts humble me. The compassion and love and kindness overwhelms me. It also has kept us going when things are at their lowest.

On a happier note, work has been cascading in at an exciting but intimidating rate . . . I've been hired by several new companies and an old familiar company asked me to do a rush job that may kill me to get done in time but will also pay me very well (in two months or so . . . ). It means that August and September will be great months . . if we survive until then. But if we had to live on love, it is clear that this family would feast like kings.


Ami said...

Okay, you make me sound like a saint.

Which I definitely am NOT.

But I was happy to do it. I know with no doubt at all that you'd do anything for me I asked. Without hesitation.

And that's a damn fine friend, if you ask me.

Nomadic Nicole said...

We would feast like kings mom, (an awesome line, by the way) because in this family, as someone once said, its all for one and one for all. We may be all over the place lately (geographically) but we're always part of the whole.

That money was in the mail the instant I could get it there. It's never an obligation.

One of the things I realized recently (and would blog about if I could find the freakin time) is that the best way for me to get through this job is to find a reason to invest myself in. I survived Sizzler because I was saving for a kayak and for travel. That's how I got through each and every day I stared at the wall there. (Or tolerated a boss who was a bit wacky) With this job, the reason I invest myself in is still travel, but also because I can support my family. That fact is in my heart every day I put on the uniform. (And that stupid hat!)

Never feel guilty when I give you money, because it honors me that I can and makes this work and being apart from you, worth it.