Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm Baccccccccck.

Sorry for the delay. In part, it is due to the fact that I have to sign in under one account to get access to online documents editors send me, and into a different account to post to this blog. Switching back and forth is sometimes irritating and complicated, and so I simply give up on posting for a while.

In part it is also due to being a little overwhelmed by life. While my blood sugars continue to stay in target range without any insulin, and my weight is still dropping (albeit S L O W L Y), I have been dealing with an angry gallbladder and then, out of the blue, some type of food poisoning. Up all night erupting (that's enough detail, right?) and then this weekend dealing with the sore muscles and pain the aforementioned eruptions caused.

So--a catch up on the Orr House is as follows . . .
Caspian is working 20 to 30 hours a week at a local company that manufactures bricks. While he doesn't LIKE going to work, he likes bringing home a paycheck and casually saying, "Here Mom, let me cover dinner tonight" or "Let me fill up the gas tank today."

Nicole is back from her travels, and has been focusing on writing jobs, transcription jobs, job applications, and gazing at handsome men from afar. Some guy so needs to come along and sweep her off her feet. She is more than ready, and is tired of making the first move after all of these years.

Coryn left Belgium this morning and lands is Africa later today. It is hard for me to imagine him there as I know so so little about where he will live. I am anxious for the chance to Skype (when clear weather in Liberia permits) and get a look at what a rubber plantation is like. I have stereotyped images in my mind as to what Africa looks like--you know, the stuff we see on the National Geographic documentaries--and it's hard for me to picture him in the middle of all of that. I miss him but am loving the adventures he is having, knowing they will be with him for the rest of his life.

Joseph is . . . . good. We have had several days of rain and already have discovered leaks that we had hoped an entire summer of money, time and VERY hard work had repaired. That was a blow, and I know he lies in bed in the mornings thinking about what to do about it. I lie there thinking about meeting due dates and how to write an introduction and what my "to do" list dictates I am doing with my day. He thinks about flashing, shingles, water patterns, and leaks. Ah, adulthood.

Anyway, that is the overall catch up for the Orr House. I will try to post more often in coming weeks, and just put up with the account switching. I have a couple of new followers now (hey guys!) and that makes me smile. Keep stopping by, leaving a comment and letting me know you're reading. It's a great motivator to give you more to read.

Til next time.

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Brian Dalton said...

Hi Tami
Good to hear you are hanging in there and I enjoyed Nicole's piece-sounds like you guys got it together