Saturday, July 19, 2014

Using that Happiness Formula

Today I am making sure I follow my happiness formula carefully. It is Saturday morning and Nicole has the day off from work--a miracle. She ALWAYS works on Saturdays. I worked really hard all week so that I had today off too. 

So, I got up, scanned the CNN headlines, watched six videos of returning soldiers, and cute babies laughing, and funny kids, and silly commercials--laughter and happy tears--CHECK. Next, I will hit the shower, then get dressed and fill my day with getting coffee, getting a snack at the local Saturday market, going to a favorite coffee shop and writing letters for HOURS while I talk endlessly with Nicole (she has some BIG decisions to make in the coming weeks, so I am sure our conversations will veer into the profound here and there), and then coming home, sitting at the kitchen table and CRAFTING with her until dinner . . . then watching a movie on the couch snuggled next to my handsome life partner, and finally, reading before bed. I have no doubt I will go to bed with a huge smile on my face, having had darn near the perfect day. 

Happiness? Check. 

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