Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Appliance Advice

My pain truly should benefit someone, so here you go.

When your dryer stops heating when you turn it on . . . and your husband:

tears it apart
buys a piece to fix it
breaks in when installing it
buys another one, puts it in and it doesn't solve the problem
hangs all of your laundry out on the deck for week after week (forgetting the king size sheets and it rained)
FINALLY calls a repairman and it turns out that it wasn't heating because someone turned the dial over to "fluff, no heat"
and you have to pay $80 for the repairman to point it out and leave chuckling

don't get divorced
don't get mad
don't roll your eyes

just love him . . .. because you know that one day you will do something equally stupid and you will need to bring this one up to blackmail him with.

Today's marriage advice brought to you for free by the woman in Portland who is $80 poorer but who truly loves her husband.

And is writing down every detail.


Gary & Bev said...

I am not sure how, but I am ABSOLUTELY sure this is connected to the hot pepper revenge.

Just smile. :D


Ami said...

I get most of it.

But 'don't roll your eyes'???

You have GOT to be kidding.

Susie Kieper said...

Hey - how are you feeling? Haven't heard from you! Glad to hear that there was nothing really wrong with the dryer, but hubby obviously owes you a new and very cool purse.