Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Call me Beautiful, and I'll Fill out any Questions. . ..

So my friend Susan tagged me on her blog (amimental.blogspot) and I am supposed to write out five things I love. Hmmmm.

(1) I love reading the comics in the morning with my husband. He takes the short page and I take the long because I read faster. We chuckle out loud and if one comic particularly relates to one of us, we make the other one stop and read it right away. Sometimes we are even concerned about the people in the comics and we end up discussing them later throughout the day.

(2) I love being in the living room with all of my kids. We typically all have books in hand and all you hear is music, breathing and turning pages. When one of us reads something that is unusually funny or surprising, we tell the others. We are also known to define words for each other. More often than not, we are sitting near enough each other to have a leg thrown over the other one or we share blankets. I love having kids that not only make me proud but that enjoy spending time with me and consider me a mom and a friend.

(3) I love writing letters. I am so into stationery, stickers and fountain pens, it is a little embarassing. I write to about 12 to 15 people a month right now and derive great pleasure and relaxation from it. Finding a good penpal is as difficult as finding a friend that you actually spend time with. You run into a lot of odd birds in your quest for those special writers whose letters you can't wait to get. I'm fortunate to have found a few that I treasure and hope to write to for years to come.

(4) I love to go to live theatre. Musicals are my preference but I like other plays as well. I am blessed to live in a city that has no lack of theatres and performances to choose from either. In past years I have seen "Rent", "Grease", "Wicked", "Spring Awakening", "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Evita" and many more. This year, I already have tickets to see "Lion King" and am working on ones to see "Cats". Three of my kids love theatre also; the hubby and oldest son do NOT. That's fine. More ticket money for me that way. :)

(5) And finally, I love living in Oregon. After 40 plus years living in the stifling, soul-deadening land of Hoosiers (for US, I know others love it there!), I still continually marvel at this state and at Portland. It was like coming home for us. We love it here, we love the people, we love the scenery. It remains one of the best decisions of our lives. Now, moving to Australia has its appeal too . . . but everytime I think about trying to pack up all of these books and PAYING to ship them, I come back to my senses.

Of course, I love more things than these. My friends. My dog and cat. My parents. My work. Seeing my name on the cover of a book. Chocolate chip cookie dough. (Not necessarily in this order). No bake chocolate cookies. Whoops. Better stop there. Anyway, thanks for hearing about what I love. Stop by and leave a comment and tell me what YOU love.


Anonymous said...

You want to know what I love?
It ain't some guy named Tom.
Its my best friend in the world.
She's beautiful, and she's my mom.
-Guess Who

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

It's nice meeting you, Tami. :) I've heard so much about you from Susan. She can never seem to say enough good about you. :)