Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keepin' On, Keepin' On

Hey gang. Getting ready to try and kick it into high gear to work today and thought I would get the creative juices flowing with a blog post. I have to admit I am not feeling my best today and those darn creative juices are currently feeling rather non-existent but I know they are there. I just have to get them thawed out and ready to go.

Recent events of interest (hopefully) include:

I taught three workshops at the state homeschooling conference. Each one was about writing (what a surprise!). They went well although it is easier when the classes are larger. These were pretty small. I also sold some books but they always put me in the corner with other book sellers so it's easy to get overlooked.

Nicole's play is going great. She is doing so well in the part and enjoying every minute of it. Now she is back to looking for a job, which isn't easy to do in Portland yet. She and Jon are doing well and have been together for more than 14 months now.

Coryn, Nicole and I went to see "Cats". WOW. Amazing experience. It has been running on Broadway or touring for almost 30 years. That demonstrates what a timeless show it is.

Went out to dinner with some friends of ours earlier this week and when done, we slipped next door to the mall. We missed a gang shooting by about 12 minutes. Police were everywhere and it was rather unnerving. 99 percent of the time I love living in a big city. This time fell into that one percent.

Caspian continues to enjoy Habitat for Humanity. Last week he called from the site to tell us he had gotten hurt. A broom handle had broken in half and sliced his finger quite deeply. Was he scared or worried? Nah, proud in fact. Another scar (the boy scars if the wind blows too hard) for him to tell a story about.

Coryn's quest to socialize continues. He is signing up for Not Back to School Camp this summer. I am beyond astonished and thrilled. Hopefully, Nicole will also be hired as Junior Staff and that will help with the transition.

As for me, work continues to flow in at a decent rate--one that keeps me feeling relatively secure without feeling panic at being over/under worked. Health issues, well they are just a pain, let's leave it at that. The family has been on a diet for 5 plus weeks now. Between the 5 of us, we have lost almost 70 pounds. I think that's impressive. I have also learned that Tami CAN cook. Who would have thought it? And I'm not too bad at it either. Most surprising of all, I like doing it. I am still writing letters as often as time allows and currently have my own column in The Letter Exchange magazine. I haunt Goodwills as often as I possibly can and delight in finding treasures that are a fraction of what I would pay for them retail. Yesterday (skip this part guys) I found a $54 Vera Bradley purse for $2.99. Snicker. Purse Slut strikes again.

So that's my update for now. If you stop by, leave a note and say hi. Knowing that people actually read this often inspires me to pay more attention to posting. A writer needs an audience, ya know?!


Ellen said...

Glad to hear things are working out for you and your family job-wise, health-wise, etc.

"Purse slut" ! Snicker, snicker.

Ami said...

There are so many kinds of slut that it can be darned hard to narrow it down.

But since your business is words, I'll just take your, ha ha, 'word' for it.

It really is a cute purse.

But... don't you already have like,oh, I don't know... three??

Anonymous said...

Tami, enjoying reading your blog. Glad I discovered it!

Mary Potter Kenyon said...

Tami, got your letter today. Thanks for giving me the link to your blog!