Thursday, May 20, 2010

Book Recommendations

I love reading other people's book recommendations. I subscribe to a magazine called Bookmarks just so I can see what is new in the publishing world and see what people have to say about those titles. Often I will read book reviews of books I would never personally read just to see what people think.

Last year, as I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, I kept track of the books I had read in 2009. I read a total of 50, which isn't bad as it is almost one a week. Since I also have three kids at home, a hubby, my full time writing job and LIFE, I thought that was a decent rate. This year I have had more work, so less free time to read. I've fallen behind and am currently averaging about one every two weeks or two books a month instead. I thought I would pass along my recommendations, just in case you're off to the library or bookstore and want to look for something specific:

The Spellmans Strike Again/Lisa Lutz: If you've been following this blog at all, you know that I LOVE this series. If you want a chuckle, please pick one up and give it a try. The main character is such great fun and I wish I could meet her and hang out. This was the 4th in the series.

I am Not a Serial Killer/Wells: This was interesting. If you are a "Dexter" fan, give this one a try. Not for the squeamish though. The main character is a teenage boy and his family runs a mortuary. I chuckled at this one as well and loved the slight twist it included.

House Rules/Jodi Picoult: Personally, I don't think there is a fiction writer out there to equal Picoult. I mean, I love Koontz and King for chillers and adore Christopher Moore's sense of humor, but for drama and for truly walking in someone else's shoes, Picoult is queen in my book. I've never read any books that gave me an inside glimpse into other people's lives and personal challenges as much as hers. In this one, you meet a charming young man who happens to be autistic. He is amazing and the book kept me reading later at night that I had planned.

The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To/D.C. Pierson: I am currently reading this one and am thoroughly enjoying it. It is the first book since Doyle's I Love You, Beth Cooper that took me into the minds and machinations of teenage boys (I am raising two of them, so appreciate all of the insight I can get). I hope it stays as good in the second half as it has been in the first.

Others new in the Orr household . . . . Coryn's dyed red hair is now dyed blue/purple. Yes, he had permission. In fact, I am pretty sure I was the one doing the right side of his head . . . Caspian is still at Habitat twice a week and wants to go more often. Nicole continues to go on auditions and pursue acting. Joseph is working on a major repair on the bus which has to be completed and put back together in four weeks in order for us to go Maupin. (Cross your fingers!) And me, I am good although putting in a lot of hours and not sleeping the way I would like.

Have you read something great lately? I would love to hear about it. I am always interested in other people's recommendations. Add a comment!


Julie said...

I've really been enjoying Louise Penny's mysteries via Audible while I sew or spin. Her books will be enjoyed most when read in order, the first is called "Still Life". I'm on the third one now, "The cruelest month". They do start off slowly but they've really grown on me and I think in this third one the writer is really finding her stride.

GinaG said...

I enjoyed reading your book recommendations. Due to popular request I now put my personal reading list on this website: . Feel free to check out (it is by invite only).