Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Small World After All

The other day, I was sitting at the kitchen table writing a letter. My cell phone rang to let me know I had a text message. Seeing as my entire family was home and 90 percent of my messages are from one of them, I was surprised. I looked and it was wishing someone named Michael a happy 40th birthday. Hmmmm. A wrong . . . . text?

So, I texted back and said that I wasn't Michael and I had just had a birthday but 40 was many years ago. She texted back and thanked me for letting her know . . . and asked if I was also in Portland. I said yes and texted to see where she lived. Long, stretching out over a couple of hours story short . . . . She lives in Quincy, Illinois. Joseph and I were in Quincy 24 years ago to stay with a chiropractic colleague. I mentioned that to this woman and it turns out that her children and this doctor's children swam on the same swim team years ago. (Please cue "It's a Small World After All" theme song.)

It also turns out that she has two daughters, her husband has cancer and he is in hospice. In the end, I asked for her address and I am sending her a letter and a photo of the family so she knows who she accidentally met by sending a text message to the wrong number. Isn't the world wonderful in how two people can connect like that?

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Ami said...

Aww, you did blog about it!!

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