Sunday, October 31, 2010

28 and Counting

Yesterday Joseph and I celebrated 28 years of marriage. Since we were relatively broke, it was a quiet celebration. We got some coffee, cuddled on the couch and read the newspaper, took a lovely nap together and made a tasty dinner. In the evening, Nicole's boyfriend Jon, treated the family to a double feature at the local movie theatre. We saw "Inception" (fascinating, confusing and impressive) and "Salt" (action heavy, unbelieveable and fun). We came home and he had some wine, I had some chocolate and we called it a day.

28 years has gone by so very fast. We have raised four kids, suffered through three miscarriages, ended one career and developed another, moved across the entire country, endured heartbreaks and victories, bonded through health emergencies,. switched places within the family unit, lost people we loved dearly and throughout all of it, we have managed to stay in love. I find that pretty remarkable. And in a completely secular way, I also consider it an amazing blessing. I only wish for my children to find mates that they can feel this way about 28 years later. What a treasure.


Ami said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Newlyweds are so cute.

Here's to the next 28. May they just get better and better.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Usually, at these sappy events I resist the urge to throw up in my mouth, because I feel one or both parties are delusional about the "happiness" of marriage.

HOWEVER, knowing you as long as I have, I must say-- you two are the BOMB--!!! You are made for each other and your happiness, passion for each other and love shine through all the good, bad and tough times as evidence, "this love stuff is real." I'm so glad for you both.

Let's try celebrating the next 28 years a little closer and I'll buy you guys dinner, (provided we all still remember who the heck we are by Congrats on showing the planet that committment is beautiful and tangible!

Love you all,