Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dietary Discoveries

So, the diet continues. It has been five weeks. Here are ten things I have discovered recently:

1. Getting weighed can be exciting, instead of depressing and embarassing.
2. My tastes are changing.
3. I have more willpower than I ever knew.
4. My BP is going so low that if I take my full meds, I damn near collapse. My BP went down to 90/40 and my pulse was 44 bpm. That was a little scary. I've been adjusting dosages ever since then to keep it between 110/70 and 130/90. Not easy.
5. Snacking moments are the hardest. I deal with meals okay but when I want a nap and all I can reach for is fruit or vegetables, I get bitchy.
6. I like getting rid of jeans because they are too large.
7. I cannot, cannot, cannot get warm. I am cold all the time and have taken to wearing sweaters and (gasp) socks.
8. I still can't let J in the bathroom with me when I get weighed. Why is the actual NUMBER that important? Not a clue . .. . but it is.
9. I still miss coffee runs as much as I did. Not for the coffee, although YEA I MISS COFFEE, but because of the fun we had on them. I miss finding quaint restaurants on the way home and stopping. I miss the unexpected stop at a neat store that usually involved grabbing a cookie or a hot mocha.
10. I am absolutely bull-headed, determined to keep on this diet because of all the good feelings, the dropping BP, the weight loss but I hope it keeps getting easier. I have willpower but I get tired of having to use it so often.

Oh, and in case you're back to sleepless nights because you want to know how much weight I've lost so far, in 32 days, I've dropped 21.5 pounds. Go me.


Ellen said...

Congratulations, Tami!I am enjoying reading about your weight loss adventure. I find it fascinating how making a few simple changes in one's diet and eating habits can alter how our bodies feel. For me, reducing sugar and most carbs allows me to keep my daily caloric intake from other food groups down- I just don't experience hunger feelings as much. Keeping track of what I was eating every day also allowed me to learn exactly what types of food I was hungry for, instead of just eating whatever. That said, if you're feeling cranky about only being "allowed" to eat certain foods- fruits & veg's- at certain times, maybe you need to reconsider that restriction. The biggest impediment to staying on any weight loss program is that feeling of being denied something that you really want. Sounds like you're doing an Atkins-type diet. I read that what people on Atkins crave the most are crunchy foods, like chips.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but I found that eating fats increased my feelings of satiety and allowed me to go longer between meals without feeling hungry.

Anyway, I'm glad that you are sharing your progress with your readers. Keep up the good work!

Gary & Bev said...

"Go me." That's all you can say. How about GO ME!!!!!! Yay, Tammi!
You go, girl!! I will second what Ellen said. Be sure to eat fats, it will really help with the cravings and it will help you to feel full longer. Gary likes peanut butter for that very reason.

Love you!

Ami said...

And you look wonderful, don't forget that part.


Markell said...

Drinking a lot of water might be hard, but a sip between bites of anything else, and a sip between sips of anything else, adds up fast, decreases the appetite, and is easy! (The only problem is it's SO easy that it's also easy to forget.) Congratulations and good luck!