Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Sunrise, Sunset" is my Background Theme

My children are growing up.
Yea, I know. BIG surprise. Happens to the best of us. But sometimes, it seems like they do it all at once, you know?
This week Nicole stars in a new play at the Sandy Actor's Theatre . . . and then heads out of town for five days to stay with a friend in southern Oregon. She will be going to Indiana in May and then . . . well, we're not sure where next but it will be exciting. She also interviews for a neat new job this weekend (cross your fingers for her!).
This afternoon, Caspian is off to his first official interview. He is hoping to go WWOOFing this summer (working on an organic farm) and is meeting with the owners today to see if they think he is a good fit. If they choose him, he will be gone a good deal of the summer. He will only be about 90 minutes away, but still. . ... much further than just down the hall.
Tomorrow I am paying the deposit for Coryn to go to Not Back to School Camp this summer. He will be gone for two weeks this time. He is already counting the days.
I know that many parents yearn for a time when the kids are gone, but not me. My kids are my best friends (along with my hubby). I love their company. They make me laugh and all three give the most amazingly wonderful hugs in the world. I know that their ability to leave and experience and find adventure means Joseph and I did things right, but gosh, I will miss these creatures. They are such incredible people, so different from each other but still utterly charming. (Shhhhh. I know I'm prejudiced. It's a mother's right.)
So please put up with me as I sniffle to the lyrics of "Sunrise, Sunset" playing in the background. I know that I will love my time alone with my hubby, but gosh, it is gonna be QUIET. Let's hope eventually that will be filled up with grandchildren, eh?


Gary & Bev said...

It is such a bittersweet time. You enjoy seeing them grow and be their own people, but, yes, you do miss them. When they come back, they will be adults. The relationship will change, but not the love.

I am so excited to see them grow up, even though I am too far away to actually see it. They are special wonderful kids. Enjoy them-even as they leave.

Love you.

Markell said...

Interesting that I am a nonparent and an atheist but I was so moved by what you wrote, and my brain automatically changed Gosh, I will miss these creatures! to God, I will miss these creatures!