Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yet Another Progress Report

Checking in to let you ALL (17 of you at least) know that I'm doing okay. I have not had any insulin for two weeks and my numbers are staying in the perfect range. I'm walking two to three times a day, each time accompanied by anyone from a handsome hubby to chatterbox kids to all of them PLUS the dog. I actually cherish these walks. They are family oriented and peaceful and we do a lot of laughing.

My blood pressure is also back into the normal ranges, so taking those medications may end soon as well. I don't want to take medication that will drive the numbers TOO low.

I am down 18 pounds and counting. I have little to no appetite most of the time and nothing tastes "good", which makes it much easier to not eat much.

Work? Well, work has been . . . unusual. I've had some very kind editors that have patiently moved deadlines. I have others who have been compassionate but can't move deadlines so took the projects back. I've had others yank them away from me because I don't move fast enough. Hard to do when you can barely see the screen. My vision is changing by the hour such that I do most of my book reading WITHOUT my glasses on because that is better than trying to look through them.

In a few days, we will pack up our trailer and drive 120 miles away to the desert region of Oregon for our annual VW camp out. I suspect we will go in our van instead of our bus because, currently, the engine is still sitting on the floor of the garage but honestly, I do NOT care. I just want the sun, the fresh air, the tent, the family together, the NO WORK, the time to read and nap and write letters and soak up summer time. How we will manage to eat paleo at a camp out I have yet to figure out, but we will manage.

So, that's how I am doing. My only complaint right now, other than being half blind, is my sleeping schedule. For weeks I have gone to bed absolutely brain dead exhausted. I pulled myself up the stairs, even if I took a nap in the afternoon. For the last two nights however, I can NOT get to sleep. I crawl into bed and just lie there, awake. Tired, but awake. Hence the 1:30 a.m. post. Not sure what's going on, but heck, I liked the sleeping soundly much better.

Stay tuned. More to come, I am sure!


Jackie said...

Well, other than the sleepless night, that's great news! I think you are doing exceedingly well and I hope your progress continues. Enjoy the camping trip!

Tammy Bowers said...

So glad you're feeling better! Dang, Girl, 18 pounds?? I gotta look into that paleo. Wishing you FUN, FUN, FUN on your camping trip! ((Hugs))

Diane J Standiford said...

I just found your blog and am really enjoying it, maybe more than I should, what with your illness and all. I moved from Ft Wayne, IN in 1982 to Seattle WA, and never looked back. Will be with my true love 34yrs next week. We both were healthy when we got together and now both in an assisted living home. HA! Ya never know. But ain't love grand! Thanks for blogging and sharing.

WritingGoddess said...

Diane--Welcome! Sounds like we have a lot in common for sure. Any chance you like to write letters? I am a great correspondent . . .

mar said...

Hi! I sent you a postcard a little while ago - should be there by now!? I basically said that I am finding the need to cut back on my correspondence as real life is getting busier, so sadly I'm going to have to say goodbye before we get to far into a pen'ship. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me, though, and I wish you much happy mail! Take care! :)