Thursday, May 30, 2013

Progress Report: I'm Learning

How am I? I get that question a lot and I appreciate it each time. I know it means people care about me. I am just never quite sure how to respond. Mostly I'm adjusting. I'm learning to take blood sugar levels twice a day. I'm learning to shoot up insulin twice a day. I'm learning what to eat and not eat. I'm learning that antiseizure meds make me cranky. I'm learning that if I don't take a nap once a day, I fall apart by bedtime. I'm learning that I am WAY colder than I ever was before so I keep adding layers. I'm learning that adjusting your blood sugar levels messes up your vision and trying to do my job when you can't SEE is challenging enough to make me more than a little feisty. 

Of course, I'm also learning that my family and friends are wonderful people. I have gotten a dozen get well cards in the mail and even a few packages. My daughter checks in on me every 15 seconds and makes sure I have whatever I need and makes me smile. My sons grab me heat packs and blankets without being asked. This morning I came downstairs to a note from my oldest son about how much I mean to him. .  . cue tears, of course. My husband is incredible . .. spending hours in the kitchen making healthy meals for me, plus rubbing my shoulders, bringing my pillow so I take a nap, and somehow STILL thinking I'm beautiful. 

Bottom line? I feel loved. I feel overwhelmed and tired and frustrated and I am violently angry about the cost of medical care--but I feel loved. For each one of you who has reached out to me, thank you. I return to your messages and cards and letters and posts whenever I need the boost. 

I'm learning. It isn't always fun or easy, but  . . . I'm learning. 

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Spanner said...

Hi,found you through Ami's blogg. This is just a short message, to wish you well on your road to recovery :-)

Onwards and upwards, Spanner.