Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sittin' on my A **

Those of you many fans who follow me on Facebook already know that I am struggling with some tailbone pain of unknown cause. I think it's improving. No temperature for a few days and the pain is done from "kill me now" to "would you just STOP?!?!?!".

Perhaps, you may think, this woman shouldn't spend so much time sitting on the injured element. Ha, I say! This is where I pull out my handy dandy list (one of many) and tell you the facts, baby.

In April, I wrote one book, four college courses, 7 online ELA courses, 33 passages and . . get this one . . . .258!!!!!!!! items. So, yeah. sittin' on my a** but not being remotely lazy. Just trying to keep my head above water, in fact.

On another note, of course, today is my youngest's birthday. My "baby" is 17. HOW did that happen? This camera-happy kid who smiled as soon you aimed the lens in his direction (from birth!), this tow headed boy who was always happy and sweet turned into this incredibly handsome, hairy, fashionable, wicked smart young man. He's my favorite geek and one of most precious accomplishments (I have three others I am awfully proud of as well.)

Happy Birthday, Mr Coryn Orr. You got your first job yesterday. You're looking into international travel and the world awaits you. Just remember to come back home now and then. Your Mom kind of adores you.

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