Monday, May 27, 2013

31 Years

31 years ago a hot young doctor pulled up in front of my house in Elkhart, Indiana. He was driving a T-top orange Corvette. He pulled up and parked while I, unbeknownst to him, was watching from inside the house and trying to settle my pounding heart so I wouldn't look as terrified as I felt. He rang the doorbell and I answered it.

It was awkward. Last time I had seen this guy--two years earlier, he was in a white coat and he was my doctor. I didn't know his first name and I thought he was completely and utterly out of my league. I mean this guy was HOT. Not to mention I was involved with someone at the time. (So was he.) Now he was standing at my front door and so handsome I couldn't breathe right.

That was May 31, 1982.
17 days later, we were engaged.
Six months later, we were married.
31 years later I look at his long haired fella who I know better than any other human being on the planet and I want to hug that 1982 me. I want to tell her that times won't always be easy, that disagreements will happen, that life will present us with pain and loss and heartache and sorrow, but through it all, we will get closer. We will laugh and cuddle and shake our heads. He will get pulled over by a cop for missing a crosswalk because he was groping me (just this year). I will get jealous because a woman will move into my "no fly zone" around him and I will have to threaten to shoot her down if she doesn't vacate the space. I will turn to him when I am frightened and he will turn to me when he is overwhelmed.

He will catch me when I have a grand mal seizure and get help.
As I recover, he will take me to my favorite stores and sit patiently.
He will bring me a blanket and refill my water glass. He will tell me I"m beautiful when I couldn't feel less so, and still convince me he believes it.

31 years ago I had NO idea how lucky I was going to be when I invited this handsome doctor into my house. Today I do know and I am so appreciative. Happy anniversary, hon. Let's start on the next 31, ok?


Ami said...

Happy Date Anniversary... I can't even tell you the anniversary of our first date. I'm a bad wife.

Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! It's just wonderful to see two people so in love after many years of ups and downs. Here's to another 31, and more ups than downs!

Anonymous said...

Geez, Tami, with all your bragging about the hot guy you snagged, if there aren't any photos, it didn't happen. Hint, hint :)

It sounds like you're feeling a bit better, and I'm glad.

Keeping you in my thoughts.


Tammy Bowers said...

Happy anniversary and MANY, MANY more!!!

middle child said...

One day. Seventeen days. Six months. And forever. Can't beat that!

tracy Lee from Indy said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great love story.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both! Congratulations for finding the 'one' so long ago! :)

Diane J Standiford said...

Ain't love grand!!??