Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Books!

It has been a while since I posted any books reviews/comments, so here is what I've been reading in my severely limited free time lately:

1. Zoo/James Patterson . . . . really quick, fun read. If you like fast action and a good story, he is the master.
2. Both of Us/Ryan O'Neal . . . a biography of his years with Farrah. Meh. Mostly skimmed this one.
3. Insane City/Dave Barry . . . . if you like funny and are not easily offended, RUN, do not walk, to get this book. Plan to be a pain to anyone in the room with you as you read it. You will want to read it out loud constantly and when you aren't reading it out loud, you're laughing and falling over. What a delight.
4. Defending Jacob/Landay . . . disturbing, trial/law oriented tale. Worth your time.
5. Mad Scientist's Daughter/Clarke . . . hmmm. . . interesting premise but I felt somewhat let down by it by the end.
6. Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend/Matthew Dicks. . . . incredibly unusual and fascinating read. It is from the perspective of a little boy's "imaginary friend" and what he must do when his little boy is in danger.
7. Lunatics/Barry and Zweigel .  . my second Dave Barry book. I  laughed just as much and ended up reading half of it out loud to Nicole and Joseph. Ludicrously wonderful.
8. NOS4A2/Joe Hill . . . wow. I'm a Stephen King fan but his son may just be taking over his spot in favorite authors list. This novel was fabulous and scary and beautifully done.
9. The Guilty One/Ballantyne . . . didn't think I was going to like this one at first and ended up really enjoying it. Excellent story, but would have loved another chapter or two at the end to tie us some loose ends.
10. Redshirts/Scalzi. . . . If you know the term "red shirts", you will like this book. It's a zany take on shows like "Star Trek" and a lot of fun.

I've read a few other titles, of course, and am currently reading Sisterland (really well written and incredibly intriguing story line) and Forever, Interrupted (which made me cry by p. 10 so I'm in big trouble). What's on your night table to read?

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Ami said...

I finally got around to reading The Hunger Games series. For people who don't know actual hunting facts and things about vegetation, they weren't bad. (I really enjoyed them, Eric is the one who kept snorting derisively at those parts.)

Late to the party as always, I read Stephen King's 11/22/63 as well.

Right now? Nothing sitting here to read. Although I'd love to read the Joe Hill novel if you'd like to loan it to me.