Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Gypsy Children

The Orr children continue to either be on the move, or preparing to be on the move. Nicole leaves in an hour for Tennessee to be a counselor (see below) and then over to Indiana for a week of nostalgia as she revisits familiar places, sees relatives, and reunites with friends and lots of childhood memories. She returns in three weeks.

Coryn is preparing for his upcoming trip to Belgium/Liberia (Africa). Caspian was working for Dannon Yogurt, got laid off and is interviewing for more jobs soon. The house is a'buzz, and I just try to keep up with all of the details. Recently someone told me I clearly had "gypsy" children. I suspect he is right.

Here is Nicole's profile for the unschooling camp where she will be a counselor. (ETUSC)
Nicole Orr, Mentor
If the zombie apocalypse was actually to occur, I’d probably be one of the best people to have in your survival group! Building houses with Habitat for Humanity means that I could help create a zombie-proof town. (Just as I’m not stupid enough to name a boat the Titanic, I’m also smart enough to NOT call our town Woodbury) With a certificate in man-tracking, I could help you chase down lunch without BECOMING lunch ourselves. My First Aid certificate could come in handy, but I won’t be using CPR on anybody! (No kiss is worth getting my lips gnawed off!) While my having been an Assistant Team Leader to a Search and Rescue Unit might make me good leadership material, I wouldn’t want to be your leader against a zombie tsunami. (The leader may not be a Red Shirt themselves, but they get to be responsible for them!) Be warned, however, that if I were a member of your survival group, your ears would soon bleed with my endless Supernatural, Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory references….all in the interest of survival, I swear!

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