Friday, January 22, 2016

I haven't blogged in FOUR MONTHS? Sheeeesh.

Hanging my head in shame here. I had NO idea it had been that long. My apologies to all 25 of you. :)

Life is good, but this past week, it has definitely been kickin' my ass. My children are all in a state of flux, which is exhausting and frustrating and exciting.

Can I do a four month catch up? Not likely. Let's just say . . . our holidays were wonderful. It was bliss to have the kids here. Coryn made all the food, as he did at Thanksgiving, and it was delicious from start to finish. Incredibly thoughtful gifts were given and received, and gratitude was shared. Extra family time was exceptionally appreciated. Nicole and I even got a couple of craft days squeezed in during the two four day weekends. New Year's, Joseph and I went out to dinner with friends, while Caspian and Nicole went out to dinner together and Coryn headed off to a party. Midnight brought fireworks overhead, the ball dropping on TV, and everyone hugging. Nice way to start off the new year.

Since then, everyone has been in a state of change. Coryn is job searching with little idea of what he really wants. Caspian's seasonal customer rep job ended with Christmas, so he is back to working at the nursing home, but looking for something else. Nicole has given her two week notice at her job and is going on interview after interview to find a job better suited to her talents and preferences. In the meantime, she gave online dating another try and I must say, I do NOT understand how the dating world works today. It's like guys just . . . don't care. They disappear. Stand her up. Go out once and never get in touch again. We find it all exasperating and frustrating, and hurtful. At 25, Nicole is more than ready to fall in love, get married, and be a mom. That is what she wants out of life, even though her generation keeps telling her to wait and not set motherhood as an actual goal in life. Sigh.

My work is fine . . slowly picking up after the lull of the holidays. I made it my 2016 resolution to not work at night or on weekends if at all possible. I use those times to write letters, do mail art, and read. Health issues are . . . .well, let's just say I'm tired of trying to find any more answers. The MRI I had was normal. The spine doctor says all of his changes are holding, so I shouldn't be in pain like I was. Sigh. Okay. Movin' on.

Joseph is good. He turned 64 last week and we all sang "When I'm 64" to him, of course. I asked people to text him and he got more than 40 messages throughout the day. That was really fun. They came from across the U.S. and even from Canada and the U.K.

So that's my update. I really am sorry for the long disappearance. I've been struggling more than usual in recent weeks and haven't felt creative enough to post. But I'll try to be back more often. Thanks for caring, each one of you.


jade said...

Glad to read you're still there! Crossing fingers for all the job finding and looking and health issues getting better and anything else I might have forgotten.
Happy New Year's hug from Belgium and a belated happy birthday for your husband!

Sweet Things said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, I see you follow the LEP, I joined them a year ago and haven't looked back. I'm in awe of your 400 plus books, do you ever put a pen down? :)

WritingGoddess said...

Thanks for the comments. And "Sweet Things", I adore LEP so much. Between my job and my hobby, nope, I am rarely ever seen without a pen in hand.