Thursday, June 12, 2008

And They're Off . . . part 1

In a matter of hours, I will be hitting the road with the family for part one of the vacation: a four day trip to Maupin Oregon. We will join another 50 plus VW camper buses for cook outs, pot lucks, live music, beautiful scenery and much fun. I am completely ready psychologically. I've been working long hours to make sure I could take off this time. I've been to five doctors in one week. I've been scheduled for one surgery when I get back in July with the looming possibility of one or even two more to follow. I am doing my best Scarlett O'Hara imitation and saying I refuse to think about that today and will just worry about it tomorrow. Right now my head is full of things like get out the kitty litter, clean out the frig, pack all four million new medications, remember the dog dish and other sundry details. We will be back on Sunday afternoon to do the BIG switch from bus to van, small bags to suitcases and short trip to long. Am I feeling overwhelmed, daunted, worried, apprehensive? You bet I am. Am I also excited, ready to get out the door and just leave crap behind me for a while? Absolutely. Wish us safe travels.


Ami said...

Would this be a good time to mention that it's possible that you were off a long time ago?

It's why we get along so well. My sanity helps balance you.


Gary & Bev said...

Save travels. :D

See you soon,