Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Apparently, I'm Stoned

It has been an emotional week in my life.
First, I went to a new doctor. She is exceptional. I think she will be my forever doctor. She takes her time, listens to you, never rushes you, believes what you say and generally treats you like an actual human being. In the medical world, I find this rare. I went in for unremitting side and back pain. She did an exam, asked LOTS of questions and then set me up for an ultrasound and some blood work.
That is what I spent today doing. At the end of this exhausting day, here is what I have found out about me:
I have a huge gall stone
I have two kidney stones (hence the title, people), one of which is partially blocking my ureter. No wonder I am in pain.
Blood work also says my thyroid is whacked, my kidneys are damaged, my triglycerides are terrible and I am losing calcium in my blood. (But hey, not anemic anymore!!)
All this comes at me 8 days before I leave on vacation. Now there is talk of diets, gallbladder surgery, ultrasound kidney stone treatment and much more. My head is swimming and I feel quite confused. I see the urologist tomorrow morning (if I can swing the money they want up front . . I've been putting every dime into the vacation account) and then my doctor for a full report over everything on the 11th. I am taking Joseph with me so he can listen with me because otherwise, it is just too much to take it by myself.
In the meantime, my period is late (NO, I'm not pregnant, otherwise this post would be coming from the psych ward) and I am ridiculously emotional. Plus, damn it, it HURTS.
But hey, I shouldn't even notice, right? Because, clearly, I am stoned!

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Ami said...

Would this be a good time for a rousing rendition of 'I got stoned and I missed it'??