Monday, October 12, 2009

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Some time back, I posted some personal book reviews and asked if my hordes of readers (I may be up to 10?) would like me to do that again. I was swamped (3 or 4?) with responses saying that yes, they would like to see more, so here is the second installment in this bestselling, riveting, not to be missed Tami's Book Reviews. (Can't you feel the excitement?!)

I've read several autobiographies of late and while I am sure it would look better to say I had read about some political leader or philanthropist or something along those lines, these were of celebrities. I know I am a bad role model for my children. Deal with it. So, I've read:

Cloris by Cloris Leachman.
Fun book . Going behind the scenes of "Young Frankenstein" was great. She is an amazing lady.

Send Yourself Roses by Kathleen Turner
Disappointing. I love her as an actress but I found myself skimming the book and reading the highlights. Her struggle with rheumatoid arthritis was interesting--and heartbreaking--but I sure wish she would have talked more about her movie roles and less about her attitudes towards acting and such.

The Time of my Life by Patrick Swayze and Lisa Neimi
I loved this one although I cried at the end. I had a wicked crush on Swayze before I got married, partially because he looked a lot like my number one crush throughout junior high and high school. I admired his dancing and respected his lifelong marriage to his wife. A good friend of mine has pancreatic cancer too and is struggling with it. This is a well written book with a lot of insight into favorite movies ("Dirty Dancing", "Ghost", etc.) and an inside look at a wonderful relationship.

OTHER than autobiographies, how about these:

The Strain by Hogan and Del Toro
WHOA. If you like creepy, exciting, page turning books, this is the one. I loved it and only detest the fact that the next one in the series won't be out until next year.

Something's Missing by H. Dicks
A really, really unusual book that I loved. The main character is a thief with OCD. He is just fascinating and you love him. Why he does what he does, HOW he does it and how it all ends up perfectly is a blast to read.

The Rapture by L. Jensen
Hmmmm. Interesting idea indeed. A teen girl who is in a mental institution is able to predict major world disasters, one of which includes the "end of the world". NOT a religious book although many tie ins with it (from a secular point of view). Read it but don't expect a happy ending where everyone walks away smiling.

Have you seen the book Level 26 on the shelves? It's the first "digi novel" in that you read a few chapters and then you go to a site online and watch a 3 minute film relating to what you just read. The "cast" in these films is excellent and well known. I am so fascinated by the concept. BUT it is NOT for the faint hearted. The "bad guy" in this book is SO scary that when I watched the first film (let's put it this way, I have told my kids they may NEVER watch it and I don't do that), I was scared to walk upstairs in the dark for . . . .well, heck I still am. *shudder* The book's plot, however, is extremely well done, intriguing and I will definitely keep reading although I may watch some of the films during the middle of the day with my husband nearby.

According to my records, I have read 44 books this year. That's pretty pitiful compared to when I was younger but then, I didn't have a job, a husband, kids, a house, a cat, a dog and other responsibilities back then either. It may end up averaging about a book a week which "ain't bad".

Hey, send me your recommendations on good books to read! Or send me warnings about those to avoid. On my personal AVOID list, I currently have one to offer called The Music of Razors. The worst part about this book is that the first chapter is SO interesting, so well written, so unusual, so intriguing that you can't wait to read more. From there, it just gets confusing as it crosses time periods and stories and then, every so many chapters, it will be absolutely fascinating and riveting enough for you to say, Ok I will hang in a little longer because this part is just SO GOOD. And then, in the following chapter, you are back to skimming and if you're me, mumbling WTH DOES THIS MEAN?

Ok, off to spend my day writing items and working on the next book down the line. Thanks for stopping by. Chances are I already know you (most of my readers are either family or personal friends) but if I don't, take a minute to introduce yourself. I'd love to know you came by.

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