Saturday, October 17, 2009

The VooDoo that You Do So Well

Last night, as the movie we were watching came to an end and everyone did their usual stretch and head off to brush teeth and go to bed, Joseph whispered to me that he "had an idea". (Ok some of you have very dirty minds and I can hear your snickers from here. Just stop it. This is a family rated blog. Sheesh.) About 30 seconds later, I yelled, "Road trip!" The boys had a friend over for the night but I yanked all three of them off World of Warcraft, yanked the two lovebirds cuddled on the loveseat and yes, even the dog, and we all piled into our van and Jon's car. (Mind you, it was 12:45 a.m. at this point.) We drove . . . and drove . . . and drove with everyone making wild guesses about our destination.

Where are we going?
A place.
A name.
(frustrated groans) What letter does it start with?
One from the alphabet.
WHICH one?
One from the second half.
Is it M?
No more clues.

All the way there, Joseph and I were forced to endure the WOW conversation in the back seats. "So does a blood elf have the power to . .. . ", "Did you see that hysterically funny joke about the orcs in dresses?" "If I want to power up so that I am on level 70, do I have to . . . . " Mostly we tried to ignore it and insert the occasional grunt here and there so it sounded like we were following along.

From 182nd street where we live, we drove to 14th street. Yea, that's a lot of streets. But it went by quickly. Finally, we pulled up in front of the new (as opposed to the old, which is another 30 streets downtown) VooDoo Donut shop. ( It is decorated with pink neon lights. Donuts are made with ingredients like Tang, marshmallows, Nesquick powder and other assorted things. Some donuts are even made in the shape of . . . well, use your imaginations. Weddings are held there. They have bacon maple bars (which are tastier than they sound).

Since there were 7 of us (the boys' friend and Jon), we ordered a dozen different donuts (including a day old one that one boy declared was the size of Vermont!) The place has few chairs (sitting and lingering is discouraged) but we managed to squeeze into a few spots. We even had our pic taken to commemorate the moment. And you know, it was fun. We laughed and chatted and then all piled back into our cars (after almost forgetting the dog . . . )and headed down the road to find a gas station that had a bathroom since that was yet another kind of seat the donut store did not have . . . .

We came back home and headed for bed, arriving about 3. Now it's the next morning and we are still yawning but heck, it was a fun moment. I love living in this city and taking part in the Voodoo that you do so well.

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Freakmom said...

I've seen that place on the Food Network. I'm so jealous! What a fun (surprise) trip!