Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've Been Tagged . . . or Nagged!

I suspect my friend AmiMental tags me simply because she knows it will make me post. Sneaky, but effective, m'dear. Good job. So, here I am with the answers to your questions. I can't tag much of anyone else because I don't know six blogs to tag . . . sad, but true.

(1) I see a small kid riding a bike in the street. No helmet. Does that bother you?
It bothers me to see a small kid on a bike in the street UNLESS he/she has a helmet and better yet, a helmet AND a parent or adult. Which so often doesn't happen . . . and then I worry.

(2) Someone else read your newspaper before you did and mixed it all up and didn't fold it properly. How do you feel?
Not remotely surprised as most of the newspapers I go through are out of order. I only read one section typically anyway, so it doesn't matter much.

(3) You're almost done with the laundry. You're on the last load, which happens to be a load of dark clothes. One of your kids brings in a bunch of white socks. Toss them in with the jeans or put them in the hamper to wash later?
In the hamper and then apologize to my husband who is the person who does all of the laundry anyway.

(4) You're out shopping with a relative or a friend. You brought a bottle of water, he did not. When you open it and drink some, he wants to have some too. Do you hand him the bottle and not drink any more out of it yourself? Share it and drink after each other without a second thought? Or?
EASY one for me. I would share the bottle and not think another thing of it, assuming this friend or relative is not currently suffering from something contagious. Germs are NOT a thing for me and I would happily share my bottle with anyone I cared about.

(5) You're out to dinner with a girlfriend and there's a very famous male celebrity seated just two tables over. What do you do, if anything?
Try to take pictures without being obvious? Slug back a margarita and then go over and say hi? Try as hard as I can to remember they are JUST people too and strike up a conversation if he seems open to it?

(6) Your just found out your 48 yr old best friend is pregnant. (Oops). Do you tell her you're really, really sorry or do you start celebrating immediately and try to make it seem like it's a good thing while inside you're saying, 'I am so glad it's not me!'?
I would go by her reaction, I think. Is she happy or devastated? Support whichever. Be glad it isn't me and also very sad it isn't me. I would have had more babies if my age, income and energy would have allowed for it. I still want babies. Where the heck are my damn grandchildren when I need them?

(7) If you could plant your whole back yard with flowers, what kinds would you choose?
Something that grew profusely, took little care and didn't bloom for a matter of weeks and then turn into boring, tall, falling over greenery that just looks sloppy. What that would be, I have no idea whatsoever.

(8) Do you like chocolate milk?
Haven't had a glass of it in 30 years but yes, I do and I bet I'd love it just as much now as I did last time.

(9) Are you afraid to shop or pay bills online?
Not really. I choose websites carefully, of course, and tend to only use well known, established ones but I've never been burned except for ONCE when the company advertised a product, said it was headquartered in Canada and it was China . . . and then sent a totally defective product.

(10) Are you a cat person? Why or why not?
I grew up as a "dog" person but married a "cat" person. Now I really enjoy some cats . . . ours is cuddly and sweet and not aloof and pretentious. So I like this cat. Others, not so much.

Should you come by and read these and want to answer these questions, or the new ones below, please feel free. Leave a comment in the process.

1. Do eye drops make you want to run screaming into the night when the eye doctor comes at you? why or why not?
2. Do you think people should be free to express their religious--or lack thereof-attitudes without repurcussions?
3. In our society, who is more persecuted for their philosophy: Christians or atheists?
4. If you found out the world was ending in 24 hours, what would you spend it doing?
5. If you could only recommend one book and/or one movie to someone, what would it be?
6. If you could tell one person one thing and have it completely accepted by them, without comment or argument, what would it be?
7. When you are feeling especially emotional, what song plays in your head (or if it doesn't, what does play in your head?)?
8. What do you do when your back itches and there's no one around to scratch it for you?
9. If you could give your children one skill, what would it be?
10. Are you an e-mail person, a snail mail person or a phone person? Why?

Can't wait to find out your answers. Thanks for stopping by!

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