Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Individually and Collectively

Individually taken, it makes complete sense.
This person misplaced my invoice so could I send another one and oh yea, that means it will take another month to process my check.
This company hired a new accountant who is working to get up to speed on writing checks but, in the meantime, checks will be delayed.
This editor got my assignment four weeks ago and hasn't had a moment to read it yet, so hasn't submitted the paperwork needed to instigate payment.
This company is waiting on the check from the client and until it comes in, even though the contract says writers will get paid at 60 days out (yes, SIXTY!), we won't get paid until they do.
This editor reassures me that payment will be sent just as soon as the other person on the project gets back from vacation and takes a moment to read through what I wrote.
However, when you put it all together, you know what it means?
It means Tami isn't getting paid. Not today. Not tomorrow. And not in time for Christmas.
Sure, January appears to be the best month in almost a year . . . but that doesn't help me today when I have no gifts under the tree and limited groceries in the fridge and multiple people calling me up asking for payment. Somehow my telling them that I'm sorry . . . my 17 checks due this month have all been delayed doesn't fly with them.
I'm guessing that is because individually, each one of us make total sense, but together, collectively, we cause them a problem.


Ami said...

So not a great day so far, huh?

Michael said...

I know this feeling very well. Many years ago, I went through a pay holiday during the government shutdown while a Federal employee. Hopefully some ducats will be freed up soon!