Friday, July 8, 2011

A Perfect Portland Moment

I had a perfect Portland moment today and I wanted to share it with my half dozens of readers (snicker).

Joseph and I spent the morning running around doing typical errands, interspersed with some fun things like checking out a garage sale and buying a camping cook stove. After dropping off a check at one place, we decided to stop at a cartopia--for those who don't live in big cities, that means an open area (usually a former parking lot) that is filled with individual food carts. These are HUGELY popular in Portland and I am so glad. I love seeing small businesses thrive--run by husbands and wives, moms and dads . . . featuring every kind of food under the planet and then some. The one we stopped at today had a dozen different cards including Lebaneser Scrooge (Lebanese food), The Wrapture (salads and wraps) and many more . . Thai food, hot dogs, BBQ, smoothies and shakes . . . something for vegans and vegetarians and carnivores and everything in between. The biggest challenge was CHOOSING. I was in a hot dog kind of mood, so got a beef dog and garlic french fries (I haven't eaten fries in months, but GARLIC fries? Yes, I gave in.)

In the meantime, Joseph (who ALWAYS chooses the most exotic option he can find) chose food from a cart called Viking Soul Food (wife is Norwegian, husband is black. .. hence the name) and OHMIGAWD that food. The food is served in thin wraps a little like crepes . . . one had sweet and sour purple cabbage, with melted chevre cheese and porcini, button and morel mushrooms. The other one was meatballs, arugula, pine nuts and melted cheese. AMAZING!!!! Melt in your mouth, don't talk kind of delicious. So we HAD to get dessert . . . J got "drunken strawberries" . . . strawberries, cream cheese, toasted almonds and some magical sauce and I got lemon tart with spiced pecans. We sat out in the sunshine and ate these and just soaked up the perfect Portland moment of sunshine, summer, Friday afternoon, food carts and this city we love so very much.

I am going to be working hard all weekend to get caught up to deadlines. . . . I just got hired by the 5th new company in 2 months ( go me!) so I have a lot to do but you can bet I will carry that Portland moment with me all weekend. Sigh. I love my life--hope you feel the same way about yours.

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Ami said...

Ah, now I understand the foodgasm you texted me about.

I ate some chocolate this afternoon, does that count?