Sunday, July 17, 2011

The UPS Man Cometh . . .

I am always eager for the mail to arrive. I've been known to stand at the end of the driveway and attack the mail truck as it approaches. I have even been known to stand in the middle of the street and walk quickly towards the truck even when it is still a half block away. :) And really, that makes more sense that it might to some . . . I get every single one of my writing "paychecks" through the mail. I also get wonderful letters from many people scattered all over the world in the mail. So being eager for it to arrive is understandable.

This week, however, I will be more than eager. I will be anxious and excited and impatient. Why? Because two things are coming that are probably going to change my life . . . the first one is a new computer. Oh man, this is the DREAM computer too. I special ordered it, piece by piece, to be exactly what I've always wanted. Three monitors. A built in TV. Lots of memory for speed. In preparation, we've been cleaning desks and rearranging furniture. I am anticipating that this new computer will make going to "work" a lot more fun.

The other other thing I am waiting for? New bras. Yes, new bras. Not too exciting to most of you, I am sure. However, I am . . . . well . . . let's go with my boobs are definitely one of the first things you notice about me (after my brilliant smile and scintillating personality, of course.) A well fitting bra is truly a BIG DEAL. And one night, I got sucked in by a new infomercial showing the best and the latest in bra technology (did you know there was bra technology? News to me!) and I ordered those bras. Now, after I ordered them I was offered:
1. a second set of bras at a discount
2. a set of bras with built in lace
3. a hair care system
4. discounted magazine subscriptions AND
5. a Walmart gift card to go along with me (drumroll please) . . . .. FREE THREE DAY TWO NIGHT CRUISE TO THE BAHAMAS . . . travel agents standing by . . . .

I said no to all of those things . . .just stuck with the original order of bras.
Which are supposed to arrive Monday or Tuesday.

Do you think if I promised to model them for the mailman he would bring them faster?


Ami said...

I want to know how YOU know that the UPS man cometh?

I mean, I have known a lot of UPS guys and we NEVER have covered that subject. Ever.

WritingGoddess said...

Mayhaps my UPS man is as happy to see me as I am to see him?

Delaine said...

Did the UPS man leaveth? hmm what exactly did he leave?

Have fun with new computer and new bras.. you can try them both out at the same time!