Sunday, September 4, 2011

Second Honeymoon?

So. . . . first, apologies for taking so very long to post. Life has been kicking my butt lately with keeping me busy, but still.

Right now, we have NO CHILDREN at home. NONE. One is in Indiana visiting family and friends. One is at Not Back to School Camp. One is still in Alaska. Joseph and I spent the first 48 hours or so really missing them and bemoaning the quiet house and then. . . . well then, . . . we got a little giddy with freedom. We began acting like we did 27 plus years ago when we were childless. A little slower perhaps . . but still . . . it has been rather wonderful. We leave when we want, go where we want and return when we want without worrying about hungry kids, places they need to go or get picked up and so on. It has been wonderful. We've hit multiple Goodwills, garage sales, coffee shops, bookstores and food carts. We have teased and flirted and laughed and talked and I have loved every moment. Children will start returning next week but until then, I love being just "us".

I also wanted to blog about . . . . wrong numbers. My friend Amimental says I seem to attract odd wrong numbers and this is true. I had one guy call a few years ago and we started chatting and he ended up asking me out. (Yes, I turned him down, but flattering nonetheless.) I had a woman from an Asian restaurant call and believe I was a woman named Doris who had ordered food and then never come to get it or pay for it. When I attempted to tell her she had the wrong number, she proclaimed me a "RYING BEECH" in very screechy tones. I finally hung up. To this day, someone in family will still stop and call me a "rying beech".

Yesterday, I got another one. At 11 pm, I got a phone call on my cell from a local number. I answered but no one was there. I hung up and then called the number back but no answer. I dismissed it.

At 5:20 that morning, my phone rang again. (I was sound asleep, naturally.) I answered it (with three kids out of state, you bet I answer any calls) and an irritated young woman said, "My boyfriend's cell was called by you last night and I want to know why you called him." I paused, trying to remember and thought, oh yeaaaa. So I said, "He called me and wasn't there when I answered, so I called him back but got no answer." She said, "You called him at 11 PM?" and I said, "Yes, since that is when he called me."

"So you mean you don't know . . . . a . . Cuban guy?"

I sighed and said, "Honey, I'm 52, been married for 29 years and have four kids . . . I do not need or want a Cuban guy."

And she said, "OK, sorry for waking you then." And hung up.

And I wanted to say, "I do not need or want a Cuban guy . . . because I am on a second honeymoon with my husband and I'm very, very happy."

And I am. Children, I miss you every single day, but life with your dad is simply wonderful.


Ami said...

Aww. So sweet to be a couple again, huh?

And. You blogged!!


Bev said...

Cool, cool!

We are waiting for Marc to head back to college-he was home for the weekend. The transition is easier when they go, then when the come home. :D:D

Coupleness is very cool!

Delaine said...

Glad to read your post!
Sounds like you two are having fun!

Gipseemom said...

Ha ha ha, love it!
And welcome to the world of no kids - isn't it just fabulous?
The girls were gone for a week to camp and we loved our 'us' time.
Still doesn't mean I'm ready for them to be GONE...