Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 a.m. Post

In about 46 hours, our time alone as a couple will return to being time as a family. We are eager to start welcoming home our kids . . . one on Monday, one on Thursday and one on the 27th, but I admit to sadness that our time is coming to an end . . . for a while. I know years and years of that time is down the road waiting for us.

Today, we had a wonderful Portland day. We went to the Saturday Market and came home loaded down with melons and berries. We had coffee. We went to two Goodwills. During the afternoon, he worked on the bus and I worked on meeting another deadline and then, in the evening, we met on the couch and watched a surprisingly good movie. Just as I thought the day was coming to an end, he said, "Hey, let's go for a drive." So, we left at 12:30 a.m. and headed to VooDoo Donuts, a Portland all night spot. We each got a donut and ate it outside on a bench under the streetlights. Then, we came back home, a leisurely drive in the summer night air, under an almost full moon. It's 2 a.m. and I'm whipped, but I'm heading to bed smiling. I just am not sure it gets much better than this.


Ami said...

I just hope you don't end up pregnant after all this leisure time.

I love you. :)

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