Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ranting and Raving

I am a pretty mild-mannered person. Honest, I am. It takes quite a bit to upset me.
I am upset.
It is one of my editor rants . . . where directions given--and followed by me--are now being changed and the result is a great deal of hard work and reduced pay. It upsets me because, you know, reputation is everything in the freelance business and anything that hurts mine is scary.
So, I am not going quietly into this dark night . . . or, in other words, I am battling this one a little and hoping that they stop and say, Well hey! You know what? This woman is RIGHT, although I suspect what they will say is, Well hey! You know what? Let's not hire this mouthy woman again.
Sure hope that rich relative I don't know hurries up and names me in the will so I can retire. Now that would NOT upset me.


Ami said...

Go YOU!! Kick ass and take names!!! GLAD you're standing up for yourself, because you are amazing and they're lucky to have you do ANYTHING for them.


Bev said...

What she said!!!

Love ya, Girl!!