Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving, Part Deux

On Wednesday, Coryn was one sick little pup. Throwing up and just miserable. Bad mother that I am, while bringing him water, a towel, and lots of sympathy, I was also desperately hoping it was a food poisoning and NOT the flu. The stomach flu right before Thanksgiving was just too mean. When, the next night, Joseph was not feeling very well, I was full out worried. Fortunately, Thursday morning dawned with everyone feeling fine. However, Joseph was not quite up to fixing a full Thanksgiving dinner, so we ended up going to the Portland Hostel and sharing their potluck dinner. Nicole has been spending lots of time there and making friends, so we brought food and joined in. It was loud and chaotic and noisy, but a nice change. All of the accents floating around the room just added to the experience. I enjoyed it, but my favorite part of the day was coming home to PJs, slippers, movie, couch and family.

Today we hope to make that special dinner. In a rare burst of lethargy, Tami took yesterday off AND today. I will work all weekend, but today is still mine. (Insert wicked laughter here.) I am NOT shopping. I am NOT cooking. (That's Joseph's department.) I am going to hang out at a coffee shop and read with Nicole and then come home and eat great food and be genuinely thankful for all of it. Hope this holiday has found gratitude in your lives as well.

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Bev said...

Good for you. So glad you took the time off and getting in girl time is always good.

Love ya!