Friday, November 18, 2011

Send Good Thoughts

Not having one of my best weeks . . . .pretty stressed out on many different levels and trying so hard to stay serene and pleasant, when I really just wanna curl up and cry. It will all work out . . . it always does. Just one of those times where you feel sad the minute you open your eyes and spend the rest of the day trying to cheer up. So, if you have some extra humor, laughter, happiness, smiles, giggles, or chuckles hanging around that you don't need, please send it to Tami. Hugs also welcomed.


Ami said...

((hugs)) ((more hugs)))

Love you.

Bev said...

Lots of hugs, considerable amount of chocolate and/or a warm cup of cocoa in a quiet place with a comfortable chair. There is a table beside the chair with interesting books you have not yet read. Family quietly mummers from another room, but no one will disturb you. You can come here anytime, and stay as long as you like.

Man, we all need a place like this!

Sending love, Tami. Remember counted cross stitch and missing sissors. Crap, I can't spell sisccors. . .siccors.. . things to snip thread with! Love you!