Saturday, February 4, 2012

Post MRI, Pre Results

So, the MRI is done and it was fairly non-stressful, thanks to a little Valium, an open MRI and some good music to listen to. Now the wait is on for the results. Of course, I had to have this done on a Friday, which means wait all weekend . . . and of course, I am flying out of town on Monday. Hoping to get the results in that window between medical office opening and my boarding the plane. How weird is it to hope that they find SOMETHING that explains this growing pain but not something SCARY? You know? I would just be devastated by one of those, "Everything looks fine in there" reports . . . not that I want the opposite, but please, when I can't stand in an aisle for more than 10 seconds without tears, when I deep breathe through at least half the day because of pain, when I look at woman with a walker and think, WOW, lucky her! for gawd's sake . . . . . that means something needs to change.
Will update as I can when I get the report. Just hope for a "This is exactly why you are in so much pain and here is the fast and inexpensive way we can fix it" report.
Yea. Maybe the Valium is still talking?


Ami said...

I hope it shows something that can be taken care of with minimal BS. I do NOT hope they look at it and say everything is fine... I know you understand why I say that.

Julie said...

Fingers tightly crossed!