Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Ticket to . . . . Fondle?

Most of the time when something unpleasant happens, I don't see the humor of it until hours, days or even weeks later. It takes time and distance for me to find that perspective.
Not this time.
I was cracking up seconds after it happened.
We were heading down the street in the bus. Joseph was driving and I was flirting with him . . . . and he reached over to give me a quick grope.
What happened at that moment?
A pedestrian light at a crosswalk came on and a cop car pulled out behind us. His lights went on. He pulled us over.
We had to provide driver's license, registration and car insurance information. He ran it through his computer and discovered that Joseph has an immaculate, never a problem, driver's record. He let us off with a warning.
Joseph got back in the bus, looked at me and we both cracked up.
Almost 30 years of marriage and I can still get the man in trouble with the right moves.
It was funny when it happened and it just keeps getting funnier . . . .


Ami said...

Shocked. Just shocked. Where is the decorum for people your age? What will the neighbors think?

Next thing ya know, you'll be flashing traffic or something.


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Too funny!!

Bev said...

Some day you should write a book-"Life with the Orrs." It could be your one 'fiction' book. Non fiction that reads like a fiction. :D:D