Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hustle, Mom, Hustle

Happy March. We welcomed it by getting the most snow we've had this winter. Sheeesh.
My kids are keeping me so busy just recently, that I feel like I am just sitting at my desk simply to write down their meetings, plans, activities, and appointments. Schedule Queen Tami is in!

Coryn is taking three community center classes and wants to sign up for a BUNCH more. He just went on a weekend leadership retreat and soon, he will be seeing tutors twice a week. He is joining an exercise spa with his sister.
Caspian is two months through his P90X exercise program (his muscles have muscles) and just got accepted into the Northwest Youth Corps for the summer. He is also seeing a tutor twice a week.
Nicole is teaching community classes, taking driver's ed and preparing for her departure in September for six months in Australia. She has joined an exercise spa as well.
Joseph has been hustling like crazy to keep vehicles running. He just figured out a complicated alternator/battery/starter issue through sheer determination. I cannot imagine how many 100s he saved us by making himself learn this stuff and figure out how to fix it. Of course, today, with all the snow, our wipers quit working. It's always something, right?
Me? I'm writing, for a change. Lots of projects being juggled (just begs for the statement "balls in the air", doesn't it?). Watching for spring to get here. Keeping a heating pad in my chair. Wishing someone would remove my gallbladder cuz I know I would feel better if they did. Writing lots of letters to lots of fantastic people who stop by my mailbox to visit me.
In other words, all is well as mom hustles to keep it that way. Gee, I even remember the steps to "The Hustle" . . . .

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