Saturday, March 31, 2012

Doodling . . . on Steroids

I can do it! I can do it!!!!!
Hear that smug tone of voice? That is because Tami is terribly UNartistic. I can make pretty envelopes with stickers . . . I can write 'purty' . . . I used to stitch but I can NOT draw and that has always bothered me. I wanted to be one of those people who could pick up a pencil and draw something that wasn't a stick person. So, I heard about this style of drawing called Zentangle and it was described as "doodling on steroids". I bought the basic supplies and today Nicole and I went to a coffee shop and gave it a try.

I am DELIGHTED to report that it turned out fantastic. Both of us are very pleased with how our first attempts turned out. We made three of the cards each and grew increasingly confident and excited. Now I have returned to the craft store and bought more materials and Nicole and I will be creating presents and other fun stuff together over the next few weeks.

For the very first time EVER, I look at this work and think Hey, maybe I am a little artistic. Good feeling. I'm happy.


Ami said...

You ARE artistic. We've discussed this before. Your use of color in your house, the things you've made to display there, your amazing creativity... anyone who says you're not artistic obviously doesn't know a damn thing.

oh, and I have seen you do crafty stuff when your girl was in my troop, too.

Derrick said...

show please..

Vicki said...

I love, love, love zentangle or zendoodle or whatever you want to call it. I too have become an "Artist" :)


Julie said...

Great minds! Guess what's been sitting on my desk for a week or two waiting for me to play? Zentangle basics.