Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Little R 'n' R

The Orrs are heading out of town (and for all of you potential house burglars who read that with interest, we left our killer canine in the house, so don't even try it!) for a much needed R'n'R. We are, for the first time since we moved out here, going to the Great Wolf Lodge resort in Grand Mound, Washington. We know lots of people who have gone but we haven't been able to fit open schedules, money and time simultaneously before. This time, we are making it happen though. The kids are so excited about huge water slides, a water rollercoaster--big time fun. Me? I am looking forward to time away from work (although yes, I am taking some with me), time to get caught up on writing letters and to finish the book I am reading, and time to hang out with the people I love the mostest in the world.
A big thank you to my darlin friend who will be watching over our killer canine. (Watch those ankles, Ami.) A big thank you to my husband who managed to get the van back in working order in time for us to go. A big thank you to kids who willingly gave up classes and other commitments in order to go. And hey, why not--a big thank you to me for earning the money to make this little trip possible.
Go, US!


Bev said...

Hey, you all have a grand time relaxin'! You deserve it.

Carole said...

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