Monday, March 26, 2012

In Your Face!

Yes, it's true. I must face the inevitable. Tomorrow morning I am going to (insert dramatic, eerie music) the dentist's office. No, I'm not a dental fan. I mean, I think I probably have one of the most gentle, patient, kind dentist on the planet (also one of the most expensive, sadly). He is a man I trust so much I took Caspian there and $4000 and three years of braces later, he has very straight teeth. I have taken Coryn there as well . . . I am, in fact, still paying that bill off and will be for some time to come.

But over the weekend, I broke a tooth. Sigh. I can hear my father in my head right now . . . he seemed to break a tooth every other day and I never thought much of it. Now that it is my mouth and my tooth and my money that has to pay for that tooth, it's all different. So, tomorrow I go in and have someone get in my face and poke me with sharp things and then turn on that hideous drill and then, when the torture is over, they will charge me money. Now, doesn't that just seem wrong somehow? I would just put up with it, except that it has this nasty sharp edge that is determined to slice my tongue every time I talk or try to eat something more solid than yogurt. So . . sigh. I will go in. I will open wide. I will squirm. And then I will pay.

But I won't like it.


Ami said...

He's an expensive man, huh?
Is there any other type?

The remark about tires or testicles would seem to apply here, that being that if it has either one, you're going to have trouble with it.

Sorry about the tooth and the in your face thing... you know how I feel about that.

Bev said...

Sending love from Indiana. Tomorrow it will be done. . .the tooth, not the paying.