Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gray Skies are Gonna Clear Up . . . . .

Which translates into Tami trying her best to "put on her happy face". I am not sure if it the time of year, the gray skies, or what, but I am struggling with some serious irritability and depression in recent weeks. I keep thinking I'm fine and then something happens and I tip right over the edge I wasn't aware I was even standing on. You know those things . . . the forgotten payment to send in, the company you thought was coming tomorrow instead of today, the deadline that is close and you're a long way away, the kids who have issues that they need to work out/talk about/figure out/rant about, etc.
THOSE events. Otherwise known as "life".
And normally, those suckers roll right off of my back. I take it in stride and just keep on truckin' (yes, that expression dates me). But for the last couple of weeks, not so much. I cry, I walk outside and take some deep breaths, I snap at someone undeserving and then feel guilty about it, I don't sleep well.
I can come up with excuses, of course. Can't everyone? I deal with a substantial amount of discomfort on a regular basis and fight like hell not to mention it too often. I have long work days and four million details of projects vying for room between my ears. They have to fight ferociously to fit in there with those details of my kids' classes, time, tutoring sessions, social events--and when bills are due, and which people I am supposed to call and for what, and all that "other stuff".
But still--none of that is new--it's just regular life. So why are my coping skills floundering these days? I don't know, but I want them to stop it. I have too many fabulous people in my life, too many goals to accomplish, too many experiences to have to spend this much energy keeping those gray skies from messin' up my happy face.


Bev said...

Thinks of you and sending love from Indiana!!

Hang in there, Sweetie.

countrydirt said...

Perhaps a well placed YAAAAAAGH in a high shrieky voice and then a knowing smile would cause the world to step back a little. Or ask for a grope ;)