Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ping Pong Ball

Yes, I am comparing myself to a ping pong ball, but it is true. Or perhaps more like a ball bearing inside a pinball machine . . . . and the things I am bouncing off of are my kids. :) And life, of course. For example, JUST this morning: we took Nicole to a job interview, took Coryn to go kayaking and then picked him back up when it was cancelled for lousy weather; Caspian got a call that he had been accepted into the Northwest Youth Corps and so will be leaving in 10 days rather than two months; I have been offered two new writing jobs; Nicole is gearing up for her upcoming trip to Australia (not leaving til September, but had to get passport, finances, driver's license and all that arranged first) . . . . . Whew. Tiring just writing it down. So life is hectic and crazy but wonderful and filled with three kids who are the best of friends--and who I enjoy being with for every day they are still around . . . . which isn't long as fast as these guys make plans.


Ami said...

I think it's more like marbles. And it's entirely possible to lose them, so be careful.


Derrick said...

OK, I'm calling shenanigans "Coryn to go kayaking and then picked him back up when it was cancelled for lousy weather" Isn't he/she going to be IN WATER.. That's like saying I can go swimming cause I might get wet. :)

WritingGoddess said...

Totally right, Derrick. But the rain was combined with some wicked wind and cold temps and that was enough for the kayak company to call it off, even though the teens were more than ready to tough it out.