Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sudden Loss

For the last couple of weeks, I have been operating on not enough sleep and too much stress. In bed this morning I gave myself a real "talking to" and said it was time for an attitude change. I have definitely noticed that in our house the saying, "If momma ain't happy, then ain't anybody happy" is true. If I start to spiral down, it ripples out and affects everyone. So this morning I got up smiling--determined to make this a smooth and stress-free day. My tooth is fixed (and it didn't hurt!) and I am semi caught up on work and spring is coming.
I was greeted with the news that one of my friends just lost her husband of decades last night. On his 60th birthday. He was in the hospital last week and just came home two days ago. Talk about sobering. I have sent her an email, a FB message and a card is in the mail. Moreover, she will be in my heart and mind all day. They have 8 children, the youngest only 12.
My husband turned 60 this year. We have been together for 30 years. He is literally my lifeblood. He loves his children fiercely, and he makes me feel like a beautiful and cherished woman. He is funny and unbearably kind and also just damn sexy and good-looking.
Today I will have that better attitude and focus on the blessings of my life--starting with the man who greets me every morning with a smile, a hug, a kiss and of course, a grope.

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Ami said...

When we were about to get married, one night Eric said to me, "Promise you'll let me die first. Because I don't want to live without you."

And of course I promised.

So my hope is that we both die at the same time, oh, 50 years from now sky diving or something.

Sad when someone so young just.. goes.

Remember when 60 seemed old?
And here it is, right around the corner.