Friday, July 27, 2012


Tonight, at midnight, we were sitting at the table eating watermelon. It was a crazy day, with all of us going in a dozen different directions. Finally, we were all at home and at the table.
You might think the discussion was on the field trip two went on. The job interview one went on. The new friend one person met, or the overnight another one had. You might even think the discussion was on the work I had gotten done, or other mundane topics.
Ninety percent of the meal was spent with Coryn pronouncing the word "boobs" as "b-ewbs" and then all of us getting the giggles. He then combined the word with wiggling and other sordid gyrations, making some of us who shall remain nameless spit watermelon juice on the tabletop.
Laughter rolled out the sliding glass door and into the backyard. Anyone listening would have been . .  perhaps appalled at the topic of choice, but I like to think, they would have instead have been amused and even inspired by seeing a family enjoying each other's company and happiness that much. I know I was.


Ami said...

My god. Your entire family are pervs? I thought it was just YOU.

I love laughing with my family, but we only laugh at clean, grandma approved jokes.

We're above boob humor.
We also never laugh at things in the news like anal bleaching.

That would be crass.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like pretty normal dinner talk to me! :D

Bev said...