Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ideal Morning

One of the questions that I send back and forth with a number of the people I write letters to is, What would a perfect day be like for you?
This morning I was reminded that mine hasn't changed.
After dropping Nicole at yet another class, Joseph and I headed to Gresham to track down a cup of coffee. Instead, we found the Street Art Fair. Ooooh, fun. Parked and wandered for an hour among stalls and carts full of food, jewelry, art, knicknacks--paradise for this woman. My first purchase? 6 handmade cards to send to penpals. My second? A beautiful necklace for a mere $7. Then a fun bookmark drawn by a young woman in full regalia selling anime sketches. Then another bookmark for me with a zentangle design. Finally, polish dogs on a stick to snack on.
On the way out, Joseph and I bought an AMAZING creme puff and shared bites until it was gone.
I was thinking about how much fun I had had (including trying on rings at a jewelry store and listening to some GREAT live music) when Joseph saw the topic of my post. He said, "It was really fun, wasn't it? But you know what the best part was?"
I smiled and said, "When I stopped and stood up on the curb and kissed you?"
He just smiled back at me.
See? An ideal morning.

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Very cool!!!